Any Minute Now

When I was a child, my mother pointed to the sadness
in the eyes of aborigines. I had only just learned that the girl,
with whom I shared my lunch, had a different coloured skin.

Meanwhile, in Geography, I learnt how laws had banned child labour.
No more children would go blind knotting carpets for the rich.
Never again would a child cough coal dust into his sheets.

By the time I was of age, the sexual revolution, pill, and women’s rights,
had given me freedom and autonomy. Any minute now
there would be true worldwide gender equality.

1975 and one white man poured sand into the hand
of one black man and, any minute now,
the sadness would disappear from their eyes

There was the international year for human rights,
the year for education, the year for the rights the child,
for women, the disabled, for peace, for indigenous peoples.

It was the age of Aquarius and, any minute now,
world leaders would truly begin to care for the least fortunate,
any minute now, any minute now.


22 thoughts on “Any Minute Now

    1. I’ll see what I can do though I have limited time. (don’t we all) Send one or two through the comments on my ‘about’ page. but make sure you have worked the poems and changed anything you are not happy with. have you had anyone comment on your poems like that before?

  1. This is a great poem . I like the vivid personal snapshots from life.

    Perhaps we drove past a turn somewhere along the way on the road to our age of Aquarius. It sure seems like it over here in the Land of the Free. ((sigh))

    1. well, maybe we have. in some places. but Aus certainly seems to have gone backwards in the last 15 years. but it went a long way forward prior to that. new leader now though. he is walking a tightrope between the extremes. but maybe…

  2. We have a beautiful country, there is no real need for the terrible things done (or the good things not done). No real need beyond the overarching need (greed) of some. The drum beats on, the sound muffled, the song lyrics changed for the benefit of the already self-beneficent.

    1. as I said too another commenter, I tend to think it is cyclical. reaction and counter-reaction. Howard reacting to growing political correctness, for e.g. and some of the population happy to follow. leaders are so important, ridiculously.

    1. I do agree, two steps forward, one back. I remember, about twenty years ago, seeing a Russian painting prodigy, about ten years old, who painted goodies and baddies. She was asked, ‘Who wins, the goodies or the baddies?’ and she answered, ‘Over all, the goodies win, or we wouldn’t be here by now.’ There is always good and bad, progress, and a few u turns.

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