deep and crisp and even


I saw snow once. It was too warm to see individual snowflakes though, they melted when they hit things. I’ve been making cards. Drawing snowflakes doesn’t make it any cooler though. Today it was 43 degrees Celsius. (That’s 109F).

5 thoughts on “deep and crisp and even

  1. I was looking at home made snowflakes on my computer last week, to find the best image for the newsletter I was working on. I saw lots of snowflakes, but it was the air conditioner making me cool, not the snowflakes … Fun to do though, looking at the best shape out of hundreds of different ones.

    1. South Australia near Adelaide. Depends which way the wind blows, off the desert, or off the southern (Antarctic) ocean. And where are you, that it’s cold enough to want to swap? It would knock you for six, in reality. As for my going your way, can I come in my sandals and sarong?

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