Our Miklós

For those of you who don’t know, our Miklós died early morning on Wednesday 30th. So quick, though he was ready. He shone brightly that man,  so young, so talented, so compassionate, so funny, a wonderful human being. Also a father, he has two sons, though one of them is not born yet. We will watch him in them, I guess for many years to come. Certainly his eldest is full of the verve that he was.

It was five months from the first symptoms. Brain cancer, Glioma level 4. So take your dammed phones off your ears, folks. Apparently the Silicone Valley gurus don’t ever let their children use phones without earphones, also they put them on airplane mode when not expecting calls. Pity they aren’t more vigilant in letting the rest of us know.

Here is his teddy Scotty. Scotty has also been through the wringer.P1000279


18 thoughts on “Our Miklós

  1. Sorry for your loss. Your path has been strewn with sharp stones. May you and your family find the strength needed.

    1. the sparrow video was by him not about him, you understand? He was a wonderful filmmaker, and the film was about his father, my husband. sorry if I’m telling you what you already know. in any case, yes we were blessed to have him.

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