Scotty and Scotty Junior


kids, teddies, years, suitcases

the kid’s teddies sit on suitcases for five years, ten
we shift the teddies for the suitcases: on suitcases, off suitcases

the teddies sit on the kids for five years, ten
we shift kids – shift kids for years, shift teddies, shift kids

we shift years for kids – five years, ten, another ten
shifting teddies, shifting kids, shifting suitcases, shifting years

the teddies, still, after years, on suitcases, sitting   

I wrote this poem some years ago while I was having empty nest syndrome.

In the notebook image, the original Scotty is on the right. On the left is Scotty Junior, whom I made for Miklós’ baby boy, when he was born. An odd looking teddy, it is true. The original was much loved by Mik, but, being made of wool, moth lava ate the better part of his back, when no-one noticed. Hence Scotty Junior.

I guess Sal, Mik’s wife, will do the heavy teddy shifting. I wish her love and joy, strength, resilience, and that the beautiful memories will continue surfacing. She has well shown her strength, these last few months.

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