My Friend Death

Just being upright in the world
takes energy and eventually
they lay your body in the earth.

It gives life
to a myriad things
and I am ok with that.

As for what else
might happen
no one knows

but I have experienced
a deep space within myself
a comforting emptiness

my presence within the whole
not separate, not ego, not I
not limited like that

It feels like silk or syrup
is pure consciousness
absolute freedom.

Within it there is no time
and therefore it was not born
and it will not die.


Mik particularly wanted me to read this at the ceremony of his death. He was working it into his film when his health crisis started. He said he found it strangely comforting. Officially, it is his father speaking, because it is from the book, Sparrow: Poems of a Refugee

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