8 thoughts on “discussion about the state of the globe

  1. Oh Belinda! I find this a beautiful and poignant image.
    And we must be in tune, as birds increasingly appear in my creations.
    And I’ve been cooking up a post about home comforts and hiding from global warming.
    Thank you for your sensitive soul.

    1. What a lovely compliment Sally. Thank you!
      I love birds. Who doesn’t? I am presently studying how they look in flight, hoping the knowledge will appear at the end of my pen.

      1. You are most welcome, Belinda.
        We-e-ell, I think that not everyone loves birds. I know a couple of people who feel ooey about picking up feathers from the ground.
        But yeh, OK. Even the featherphobic love the concept of birds.
        I really enjoy the way you describe your process…’hoping the knowledge will appear at the end of my pen’. Gorgeous.
        Reminds me of Pat Allen’s ‘Art is a Way of Knowing’.

        1. My daughter-in-law is a bit iffy about them. When we were bringing up a baby magpie one of his early, awkward flights was straight for her head. He liked heads because they are good to grip, what with the hair and all, but I caught him mid flight, luckily.

        2. Ouch. Magpie beaks on the head. Poor daughter-in-law.
          Would you believe I’ve only just learned to like maggies? At age fiftysomething? Because of spending my teens in Canberra where the birds would swoop you on the way to school. Picture: plenty of heavy book bags swinging around heads. And plenty of blood.
          Check out the Magpie Whisperer on Facebook if you can. warmly.

        3. You know, I’ve never been swooped by magpies. Here they love us because Ervin feeds them. But also, no silly child has ever tried to steal their eggs. They don’t forget such acts for generations. Bringing up that baby was one of the best things I’ve ever done. So funny.

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