8 thoughts on “Playing with Miró

  1. Hurrah!
    I highly recommend playing with Miro. Playing with Miro was what led to my very first ‘Great Housewives of Art’ image all those many years ago: Mrs Miro Sweeps the Floor.

    1. Oh, what fun! I didn’t know of this, and I couldn’t find Mrs. Mirò but saw some of the others. I also looked at it on good reads. Interesting that the only two ratings under four were from men!

      1. Thank you, Belinda, for going looking. Yes. Mrs Miro was my very first foray into creating the series. Some of her friends became the stars e.g. Mrs Degas vacuuming the floor and Mrs Monet cleaning the pool.
        And Belinda: Keep up the good play, I say!

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