Callout for Artists: Words in Art Exhibition

Words in art. Word Art. Poetry (haiga for eg.). Book art. Artist Books. Altered books. Words as power objects. How words are so integrated into our experience that they are almost visceral. How we make and order our world with them. ‘In the beginning was the word’. How we also limit our perceptions with words.

Our local art space (Adelaide Hills)  is calling out for artists for a Fringe show of words in art. So if you’re in South Australia (or elsewhere in Aus) please consider showing with them. I want some good company!

Years ago I wanted to do a painting, huge, white, with just the word ‘white’ in the centre, quite small. I didn’t. These days I use words quite often because my work has shifted from huge wall pieces to smaller more ephemeral pieces.

Following is a gallery of inspiration, mostly my work because I know the copyright status. There are so many other artists’ work I’d love to include.

Come join us Folk! There will also be poetry performances. Not finalised yet, but at least one slam and some other performances.

So many possibilities!

  h.ART  also called Hills Art is the group here is their Facebook page. for details and to express interest:

By the way, the feral cat piece in the gallery is in tribute to ‘For I will consider my Cat Jeoffry’ from Jubilate Agno by Christopher Smart.


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