Doing Something About It

See this self-portrait of mine?
It needs wrinkles.
It needs to cut its hair and go grey.
It needs to get a bit of a stoop
and become more ordinary.

It needs to stop counting its troubles
on fingers and toes.
It’d be better if it counted blessings
or ordinary acts of kindness
— sunrises even.

There have been plenty of sunrises
so many of them unconscious.
It needs to remember it has only one life
and to make more art
more love and more desserts.

It needs to react less
to all the trivial troubles at home
to all the hideousness of the world
or it needs to do something about it.
Goodness knows what. Make more Art?



8 thoughts on “Doing Something About It

  1. A poem about poetry(art), good, a more selfless self portrait as a goal, better. Make more art, better still.
    But is it so simple as to say react less, create more? Isn’t art as much a reaction to life, trivial and hideous in turn, as it sublime beauty spontaneously made manifest? And its value, to the artist and appreciator alike, baked into both activities?

  2. Art reacts to life and then life reacts back, sometimes a flaying—not literally, I hope—but mostly indifference. Then art re-reacts. And so on, all the way down. The trick is to break this cycle and act, but only life can do that.

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