new blog, come see

I grieve
and here comes a shrike thrush
bearing sunshine

(after Katō Shūson)

Hey folks! I have a new blog. First post here, includes the above poem and commentary on it.  The site still needs major work (no pictures yet) but it’s where I’ll be posting my poems (and everything else) from now on. Come visit. And add to your reader.

8 thoughts on “new blog, come see

  1. I went to your new blog and liked what I saw. I enjoyed your commentary on your haiku and the way you too have gone back to the old masters. I am re-reading Basho at present.
    I couldn’t figure out how to leave a comment on your blog but while I was trying a little bird fluttered up to my window and looked me right in the eye!

      1. So, I have done some research. Disqus is a comment system and spam filter. To comment you need to have a Disqus account. If you already have a disqus account, you can comment by signing in from social media sites like google, and then you shouldn’t have to keep signing in. You can sign out of discus at anytime but then you’ll have to sign in again whenever you want to comment. it’s all a bit confusing, but should work well eventually.
        thanks again Petru. xx

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