The Garden (Eden)

I have a thing about this genesis story. It pisses me off that women take the rap for all that original sin shit, and have to cover their hair and be treated like dirt. Anyway it is fertile ground for creative stuff, as are most myths. This painting is called…

The rest of this, a bigger pic and a poem on the same subject are on my new blog. Please come and have a look. HERE

2 thoughts on “The Garden (Eden)

  1. I know this is lame but I can’t get into your new blog
    I’ve changed my password so many times
    I don’t know it anymore
    I love what you did here
    And the poem is spot on
    As Sheldon Always

    1. this is not lame. there is not a single person who i can think of who has not had trouble with the interface on my new blog. including me. it is decidedly unintuitive. i wish i could fix it. makes me want to come back here with my tail between my legs.
      but to your specific problems. can you get your device to remember your password? are you on any social media? Fb for e.g.? if you sign in with them they will keep you signed in. but you should be able to sign in through disqus and stay signed in unless you sign out. sorry for the problems. let me know how you go.

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