Drawing in a dust storm


My first little work for a series; 30 Days of Drawing. Our local art space is part of the international festival called The Big Draw. It happens annually with all sorts of things. And the theme, this year, is Play. Couldn’t be a better theme for me.

Throughout the process, I hope to share some of my work and my thoughts about drawing.

Among other things, I am interested in the intersection between chaos and order, between manmade and accidental. I have a number of strains of interest in my work in general and hope to play with them all through this time.


This one was done the same day as the ink work, just as the wind was getting up. Later it was a full blown dust storm with howling gales. And we were waiting for the truck which would lift our new van out of there. We had run into a kangaroo just before we arrived and it had put a little bit of plastic through the radiator. Ho hum. That was the end of camping. The kangaroo hopped away, poor silly thing.

This is what it looked like in the dust storm. Amazing colours. I haven’t manipulated them. This is how it looked.


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