Drawing to TV

Busy day with an old friend. Therefore some quick play in front of the screen. I did these while watching Everyone’s a Critic on (Australian) ABC television. The first episode. It’s quite a gorgeous series about ordinary people engaging with art in Australian Galleries. I did these while they talked about an artwork called The Journey by Judith Wright. She lost a newborn baby and apparently the amazing sculptural work is about that. It is very hard to google this visual artist because of the poet, who I also love, and also her poems about birth though her children lived.

I haven’t drawn with pencils for the longest time. Usually I use pens. But I am really enjoying the ease of creating tone. They are much more forgiving. I always remember Brett Whiteley’s poem on drawing materials. Here is an excerpt about the ubiquitous pencil:

The pencil is the instrument best suited to those
middle-class moments
when one wants to be
quick and daring and precise
but still have the opportunity
(if one blows anything)
to wipe it out . . .
Have you ever seen a
pencil drawing that isn’t safe? 

Well, perhaps these drawings are not too safe?

5 thoughts on “Drawing to TV

  1. that’s interesting – I was thinking myself today that I never do life drawing in pencil these days – I might use a water soluble pencil and then slosh water over it to stop myself being too precise. I suggest to beginners in life drawing that a pen or charcoal help you commit yourself more – it’s so easy to be tentative with pencil. Your drawings are certainly not tentative! I often use pencil when I’m trying to capture a night scene, or a cloudscape – but that’s different, it’s about scribbling down atmosphere. And it has to be at least a 2B.

    1. Thank you. I once had a dream about the most beautiful drawings of horses. They were not by me and were on everyday lines paper but oh so beautiful. Since I write more than draw lately, people gift me lined notebooks. I rarely write on lined paper. Perhaps I should recreate the dreamed horses.

      1. Dear Belinda, you’re a great artist. A pencil is enough to achieve a perfect sketch. And also you’re so welcome. I’m so thankful for your wise and kind comment. This evening I will post something funny about horses. We will wait you 🥰

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