Christmas in the Dolls’ House

The new dolls’ house family has a mother, a father, a baby and two kids.
There’s a dog made of wool with a red felt tongue.
Put a quilt on the bed, the baby in the bath, la de dah.
Mum in the kitchen, Dad in the lounge, la de dah.
Put some tinsel on a small green sprig
because it’s Christmas in the dolls’ house too.

Oh dear, Dad can’t stand up after all that beer.
The sister’s drowned the baby in the bath.
The dog has bitten Mum.
Mum has murdered Dad with a toothpick.
There’s blood on the stairs,
and the little boy is sitting on his bed,
his O of a mouth saying, “Oh.”

. . . . . .

This actually happened (years ago) in our daughter’s dolls’ house within its first few hours. The joys of older brothers! In fact, there have been a number of murders in our house at Christmas over the years. The most recent was in a gingerbread house wth food colourings. The younger brother egged on by the older one. The older one was very good at keeping his nose clean and letting the younger take the blame. They were adults by that time.

This Christmas their sons play together. Too young for murders.

We are celebrating a day early. Bring on the Champagne. Before there’s a murder. Not really. But really, we miss the ones we miss.

under an elf hat
sadness in the eyes
of the old dog

5 thoughts on “Christmas in the Dolls’ House

  1. Merry Christmas Belinda! My son has been conducting a survey on his parents- what did Christmas mean to you when you were a child? We both found it a bit of a challenge to answer- but for Graham it was about place more than family – he would spend Christmas in his grandfather’s ancient farmhouse. For me it was about being able to read comics once a year, and having a very nuclear family experience- just the four of us holed up at home for a week. These days we Skype all over the world and across Australia, but we avoid the big family gathering in Melbourne. This year is so special because we are spending Christmas with a grandchild who believes in Santa – and there’s another one over in Australia who’s getting a visit from Santa right now, while her cousin is delivering presents here in Canada on Christmas Eve. We now know that the time difference exists in order to give Santa time to deliver everyone’s presents! Have a wonderful Christmas Best wishes to all your family Julia and Graham Sent from my iPhone


    1. It’s interesting how things have changed. Mine was very nuclear too. Though our neighbors always had a party in the afternoon/evening. They lived 15 miles away, 40 if there’d been enough rain for the creeks to rise. (North Queensland bush)
      Actually one of the concessions my folks made for the tyranny of distance was subscriptions to a comic or two. They came on the mail truck once a week.
      Ervin has horrible memories of Christmas and is always glad when it’s over.
      This year we have our son’s wife and kids from Melbourne over. They are still very little kids so it’s fun. Also extended family of his mother and her family. It would be a whole heap easier if he was still alive.
      Enjoy your precious time and merry Christmas. I’m enjoying your drawings when I’m on line. Love to you both, and from Ervin.

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