Pink Moon

Clean and clear the indigo sky 
wherein rides a pink moon as soft
as autumn, as calm as centre     
as centred as earth, as tethered as love    
as silent as this suburb     
now that the children sleep.

Saturday night, but no revellers drink away
their inhibitions, or fall into the arms of a stranger.
No rapists, no prey, no police cars, no sirens.
No wicked witches, no trolls under the bridge. 
No fat men eating money, no avaricious politicians. 

Just the homely quietness 
of a suburb in lockdown 
under a pink moon 
in an indigo sky.

14 thoughts on “Pink Moon

  1. Thank you Belinda.

    ‘Saw it written and I saw it say Pink moon is on its way And none of you stand so tall Pink moon gonna get ye all’ Nick Drake


  2. so beautiful, it was eerily quiet for a Saturday night. but something or someone kept me awake i had 000 on speed dial…

      1. We’re managing thanks Belinda. Everyone is healthy but five of us occupying the same space is a test at the best of times and this isn’t the best of times! We are a family that does need space from one another and in the absence of that things can go badly awry very quickly. I try to be the peacemaker but my skills are not up to the task. So I just take things one day at a time… You did ask!

        1. And I wanted to know! We need to have a whinge if nothing else! Yes, there are so many people doing it tough. I really feel for inner city folk who are living on top of each other with no easy out even to go for a walk without being too close to others. And people who live alone, single children and people who really need people, socially as well as for their physical needs. Oh and pretty much everyone.
          Ervin and I are in a nice little hut (read sealed shed) at the back of Hana’s in Magill. I did think I’d be in my little home in the country when the ‘pestilence’ struck!
          I heard of a township of people in the eastern states who are still living in tents with no water and crowding after the fires! Where did the promised federal government help for the fires evaporate to? Surprise surprise!

    1. It is actually from a day when the kids played water sliding on a huge tarpaulin that was spread out in the backyard. Then they went to bed and the moon came up. It was the only good moon photo that I could find.

        1. It’s a slow process, Petru, but yes. I’ve started writing again and Ervin is mucking about with bits of wood. We have the first round of plans through the council, next it is the building rules and so on and so forth. If we are in by Christmas I’ll be happy. We went up today and I did weeding. That was a beautiful thing to do, to have my hands in the earth.

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