The Cruel Girls

            After Mothers and Daughters by David Campbell

The cruel girls I hated 
are over sixty
Their brash beauty 

by time and daughters and demons. 
Grief has tainted their coffee 
and love 
has softened their eyes.

Barbie in the process of becoming a fertility goddess. There are always sacrifices.
Here she is scrying in my own dead mother’s face mirror.

For David Campbell’s poem

Turn off your sound before you go there because Poem Hunter has automatic recordings of the poems read by a computer, and that is a fine way to RUIN a poem. Horrible. But the poem is one of my very favourites.

4 thoughts on “The Cruel Girls

  1. This is a fine poem, and has tutned my mind to the hideen stories they held tightly within, that emerged eventually as cancersxand chronic illness.
    And the victims of their teasing who later came, proudly displaying the scars life gave them, and leading vulnerable others to find beautiful, better lives, making survivors from victims and creating thrivers fron survivors.


        1. A couple of days before this, I wrote a much longer cathartic poem. It had some great imagery, but I like this one better because it is more universal, so I was very pleased to see your comment because It showed that those who have been bullied get that simple first line.

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