My new book!

Louise Nicholas will launch my new book, A Slip of the Tongue, on the 1st of July, at the Box Factory, 59 Regent Street, Adelaide. Exciting!

Here’s what Rob Walker has to say about it (from the back cover)




Cry Hungary

(on a photograph in Cry Hungary
by Reg Gadney)

What a shock
finding yourself in that book
I bought by chance at the op shop.

You with your James Dean hair
and your perfect mouth
part of a reverent audience
as flames engulf a poster of Stalin.

Only one man looks at the camera
and he’s afraid.
These photos convicted
a lot of people later.

But you’d left by then
with the weight
of your seventeen years
with your broken mouth
your kicked in teeth
and no way back.

You snuck through
streets and sewers
past the roadblocks
past the guards
the treacherous people
and the helpful people.

Two weeks running
to Austria
and freedom
and exile.

I really did find this book in an op shop. And my husband, Ervin, really is in a photo in it. He is working on some autobiographical photographs at the moment and has photographed the photograph to use in a double exposure that he is planing, but when he emailed it to me (for use in this), the file got trashed. I like it so I’m adding it anyway. He is second from the right.



Odds (Haibun)

Torn between science
and magical thinking
I wish with all my might
for world peace, my health,
the health of my loved ones,
rain, the cessation of rain,
a favorable fall of the dice.
Statistics stops me betting,
magical thinking gives me hope
dashed again and again, but, still …

against all odds
here comes the rain
drought summer