​the flight of the wild swan (poem and commentary)

between earth and air
between life and fire
between transcendence and the fragile body
between the wild swan and the burnt man
between divine ecstasy and nuclear fall out…

On my new blog: a poem photo and commentary

Dear Everyone, I am having a frustrating time on this new site. Comments are not turning up where they should. I have to go searching for them and, while I am pretty sure I have received them and have answered, it seems the answers go to your email accounts where they often get lost, possibly in spam folders or just in the bulk of emails we get everyday. Hang in with me, I’m not ready to give up yet!

Here is the link to this small poem, the image it’s responding to, and a bit of blah about the writing of it. 

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where he isn’t

There’s a space
where he isn’t.
It’s enormous and keeps
following me around
now here, now here.

The space used to be
full of…

A short poem and image to be found here. I hope you enjoy it.


The Garden (Eden)

I have a thing about this genesis story. It pisses me off that women take the rap for all that original sin shit, and have to cover their hair and be treated like dirt. Anyway it is fertile ground for creative stuff, as are most myths. This painting is called…

The rest of this, a bigger pic and a poem on the same subject are on my new blog. Please come and have a look. HERE

Artist profile: Belinda Broughton & Ervin Janek

a profile on Ervin and me with regards our exhibition last month! A bit of behind the scenes thought etc.


The Story Stones
29 March – 29 April 2017

The Story Stones explored the human desire for meaning and story by Adelaide artists Belinda Broughton and Ervin Janek.

meaning gathers —
around the hearth
eyes glitter

sparks rise
we doodle in sand


are mouthed
for the first time

‘fire, sand, meat, light
char, flame, shadow, word’

in chaos and randomness

we find image, we find story
and meaning gathers

as meaning
always gathers


17636809_1416136471740554_5414260094561006032_o Ervin Janek and Belinda Broughton – partners in art & life

Through her career, Belinda Broughton has used materials that range from dirt to the finest art materials, producing work in a diversity of art forms: paintings, sculptures, drawings, prints, collage, gallery installations, and installations in nature.

Thematically she has been engaged with the cycles of life/death/life and order/chaos/order, with a focus on natural and purposeful mark moving towards script and symbol, and, recently, moving…

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living as if death doesn’t matter or as if it matters a lot as if each moment each breath is the only thing we can have we can hold this piece of paper in the gutter this tickle of laughter from…


more of this little poem on this blog post.

and other things on my new blog

Regularity, that’s me!

A Plan of Action. I decided I should have one. I tend to get all enthusiastic with blogging, go at it with gusto, and then life intervenes and next thing I haven’t posted for ages.

So, in view of the new blog, I came up with a new idea. I am going to get regular. Don’t laugh, you who know me. Just because I have been described as, ‘As disorganised as stork shit in mid air.’

I used to have an almost religious fervour against…

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Sand in the Works (haibun)

It was a fishing tournament (prizes for the biggest catch) and people came from miles around and set up camp in the dunes. Then they drove their shiny four-wheel drives down to the beach to fish.

The organisers assured everyone that they’d assured everyone there would be a king tide, but…

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