26 thoughts on “my art

  1. Since I started blogging last year my visits to other sites have introduced me to art from everything via paint mediums to photography to fashions in clothes to cd candle holders– many of which were quite unique… as is some of your stuff. Many thanx for sharing your poetry and art with us and for visiting my blog. Have a wonderful day..

  2. I can identify with that, the joy of discovery and creative play was short lived and the art scene made me mute and handless..and now I,m trying to find something appealing to the masses in order to earn some money, both endeavours, two sides of the same coin. The fear of my own power holds me back and I hide behind derivative small images…a journey towards authenticity only I can make. This is the freedom that I,ve seen and appreciated in you..we must cover ourselves in dirt and ashes in order to heal….

    1. I think it’s ok if you enjoy the process. Also if your life is well rounded in other aspects. I gave it too much focus, bound my self identity up in it and eventually it threw me out. Or maybe I just finished something.
      Your work has a lovely sensualness to it, the layers of translucence. Can you also give yourself the space to embrace your ‘power’ as well? Maybe you could go big. Even if its on calico or newsprint. Or change your medium: dirt and ashes 🙂 For me it helps to not not think, ‘oh, this is for the market,’ so I like to work on impermanent things. I may well start painting again but if I do it will be for joy.
      We ran a small business for our living but that left me without the mental space to work on art. But I could explore all I wanted when I did have time and energy without it mattering if anything sold. it’s a trade off.

      1. thanks Belinda..tunnel vision! Look! there’s a sky and a rock, don’t forget to dance…and here’s a cup of tea and a piece of cake..enjoy, be ferocious …and who cares anyway!!x You’re right , it’s a trade off..who is it I’m not ‘ getting it right ‘ for?? note – must make friends with myself..
        Enjoy your day,
        regards Nicole

        1. Hmm, I can think of lots that he disguises himself under…and i wouldn’t want to give him anymore power than he takes already….maybe Mr Crush..Break..Twist ..or Screw !!

        2. 🙂 oh, he’s not that strong, those are things you’d like to do to him! Just tell him to butt out. I quite like personifying the characters in my head. I thought I had a few, but a therapist told me the average person has 27! Not sure about that, but Mr Grey loses some of his power when I can recognise him as separate from what I am doing. Critical judgement is quite useful I think, but not during process.

        3. Thats useful..separating critical judgement from process..so hes not on your back throughout. How can they work out average selves of 27?? I too have a little stage of characters…I suppose writers put them on the page…

  3. Mr Grey… I made an attempt at painting him one day… And he turned out to be an alligator, eating up my creativity…


    I have never thought of giving him a name though, which is odd as I tend to give names to everything… So I’ll call him mr grey, as a small tribute to you, Belinda, because I really enjoy sailing through your website. It feels like being with an ol friend… Very familiar somehow… 🙂

        1. Pfft. He’s a wussy really. Give him a bit of criticism and see how he reacts! A friend of mine gave my a great saying once, ‘Let doubt doubt doubt.’ After all doubt is pretty unfounded, well worth doubting.
          Oh, now my head hurts. I’m off for a hot soak.

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