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In Droughts Like That Open writing

birth Walleah Press

haiku etc Haiku Bindii

kneeling (critique here too!) from Eucalypt #25 (wonderful Tanka publication available here)

Harvest Haibun Today, Volume 6, Number 1, March 2012

Talking to another Artist, poem number 10, from 25 Tanka Prose  by Atlas Poetica

rush hour American Tanka, Issue 18

Corellas  and Flight and Earth: Haibun Today Volume 5, Number 2, June 2011

The Practice of Art on Ervin Janek’s site

Audio Recordings from Words for Birds a series of programs organised by Julia Wakefield and aired and podcast by Radio Adelaide.

‘In Words for Birds writers evoke the world of birds and birdsong, from the high-pitched shrieks of fierce raptors to the raucous squawking of brightly coloured parrots. In the short space of three minutes Words for Birds conjures up a kaleidoscope of images, ideas and emotions.’  

The following are recordings that I am in, with the names of my poems and the times when I start for your convenience, but I really recommend taking a look at them on this page where you will also find artwork about birds, more information and wonderful poems written and read by others.

WFB19_Birds-large-and-small.mp3 (Hornbill begins 02:00)

WFB17_learning-from-birds.mp3 (How to Show a Child Air 00:05)

WFB16_Sorcerers.mp3 (Cannibals 00:05)

WFB_Black-White.mp3 (Magpie Song 01:53)

WFB_Doves.mp3 (Doves 01:55)