New Blog plus going COMPLETELY Mad

Just to make matters worse, Dear Friends, the address of my blog has changed. Please put this address: into your readers. I’d love to hear from you in the lonely land outside WordPress.

Also hopefully I will get to the end of comment problems soon. Sigh. Presently I have to go and search for them rather than receive notifications. Bear with me. I’ll get there!

Anyhow, this is my latest contribution to the world. It’s small, so you will have to follow this link to see it! While you’re there have a look around. 🙂

The Best Thing Ever (collage series)

Forgive the quality. This is my first ever video. #AbundantArtShow day 4 (I think. I’m confused)

By the way, the one giving me leaves (mentioned herein) was my granddaughter, not my daughter (who is more likely to give me dead dragonflies or skulls or lichen). Sometimes I say a completely wrong word. I have been known to say white when I mean black.

Abundant Art Show Day 2 (works-in-progress and sharing)

So! I’m doing the #abundantartshow. Day two is sharing some of your work-in-progress and sharing some of other people’s work too. On social media like Facebook and Instagram. I shared these two pics and a few others and I found some great pics by others also. It is very inspiring actually, looking at other people’s work. I found I am drawn to gestural abstract paintings for their luscious paint and marks, but also to paintings that seem allegorical but that have a rather minimal treatment with plain areas of colour. Perhaps that is where I’d like to take some of these collage works eventually. If you’re interested in looking at some of the work #abundantartshow • Instagram photos and videos (at the moment I’m on there in top posts!) and on Facebook: #abundantartshow and if you are interested in seeing what I shared, find them on my Facebook page (not profile): Have a gander; it’s fun.

Abundant Art show

I’m participating in the #AbundantArtShow! Its an 8 day mini-show of artists’ work from all over the world. Over the next 8 days I’ll be showing some of my work as well as sharing my favorites from other artists. Enjoy!



Emerging from brooding sea
she has grown feet and is dancing.

What are feet for if not dancing?
She is like a child who ….


Please click through in this link to read the rest of this poem of innocence. I hope you enjoy it.

image is a Photograph by Ervin Janek.

a notebook for coping

Here are some notebook pages done at a time of extreme grief. I didn’t even know I was functioning at the time. A lot of the colour is just about giving my hands something to do. At the time I was reading….

all at one
with the village lights

though we thought it dead
it opened
the sunflower

The rest of the post (the series of images, haiku and blah) here

Woman Playing Fife (poem)

There is a woman playing fife
at the bottom of the sea.
Now, if you think that sounds impossible,
then this is not your poem.

In this poem
she certainly is playing the fife
and the sound that it makes
is the sound ….


A bit of info and the rest of the poem is here. Hope you enjoy it.

The image is by Ervin Janek and it is a photograph

If you haven’t had a look at my new blog, it is at Sooner or later I will shift over there permanently so I hope you will add the link to your readers. Thank you, dear Audience Members. Isn’t it wonderful to not have to work in the vacuum that creative endeavours can be? I wonder if Emily Dickinson lived now, if she would be blogging rather than putting her poems in the drawer.

Warm Hands, Warm Hearts (Poem)

Sometimes, by chance, because I have hot hands,
I hold the hands of old women, so thin and papery and cold,
as if you can feel life ebbing away already.
Dying takes a very long time for some.

Because of embarrassment, it is always too short a hold
but I would like my heat to course into them,
loosen their joints …..

A poem about compassion, ageing and love. Please read it here