in the dream
you pushed our rickety house
how shall we live
now that we grow old?

I stopped reading
and began to gaze
out the window
and that’s why he
reached over and touched me

open Heart, open
to the world of beauty
its cruelty
and your warm husband’s breath
and his limited sleeping breath

the young plum tree
in the first autumn fog
already bare
my loving heart
will take what comes


where he isn’t

There’s a space
where he isn’t.
It’s enormous and keeps
following me around
now here, now here.

The space used to be
full of laughter
and fun, compassion
and encouragement.

With him I could
be my self.
When I lost him
I lost a true friend

Ervin Janek Mother and Son

The photo is by my husband Ervin Janek. It is called ‘Mother and Son’. I find it very touching, especially in the context of this poem. It was done a long time before our son died, but it seems perfect.

The poem reminds me of some of the old Chinese poets, Li Po etc. What do you think?

If you want to see more of Ervin’s images here is his shop and here is his amazing changing facebook collection.

Story Stones

Perhaps it’s time to share a little of the exhibition I have been having. It’s only got a few more days to run, so if you’re in Adelaide or surrounds, you’d better run! The title of the Show is Story Stones and I’m sharing it with my husband Ervin Janek. He’s showing stone sculptures and the most amazing photographs. He does wonderful composite photos with lots of layers, literally and metaphorically.

Ervin Janek:

I have some prints but the thing I’m most excited about is that I found a wall for my Etcetera installation. You can see more images of it here, from when it was in my studio.

Belinda Broughton: Etcetera (detail)

I also did some rather fun prints like Noodle Ned here. For those of you not familiar with Australian history Ned Kelly was our most famous bushranger (highwayman) from the gold rushes. He is wore home-made armour that looked not dissimilar to this. Every Australian gets this and it’s so silly that it’s funny.

Belinda Broughton: Noodle Ned

Here’s more gallery shots

Ervin Janek: Self Portrait with Webs and other photos, Gallery shot
Ervin Janek: Small Death, and other photographs, gallery shot.
Ervin Janek: Creature Looking Backwards, Small Guardian Figure, and Small Bust
Belinda Broughton: Night Creature, Free Bird, Vacant dog, gallery view

It’s a strange gallery, with lots of nooks and angles and stairs and ramps, but a lively space to work with. Thank goodness for the Manager Niki and her assistant Rebecca, who really knew how to work with it.

Open today, tomorrow and Saturday afternoons. That’s it folks. (Maybe I should have posted this earlier, but I don’t think any of you who are close enough to go are not on FB where I did most promoting of it)

Address: Gallery 1855, 2 Haines Rd, Tea Tree Gully, South Australia.

Callout for Artists: Words in Art Exhibition

Words in art. Word Art. Poetry (haiga for eg.). Book art. Artist Books. Altered books. Words as power objects. How words are so integrated into our experience that they are almost visceral. How we make and order our world with them. ‘In the beginning was the word’. How we also limit our perceptions with words.

Our local art space (Adelaide Hills)  is calling out for artists for a Fringe show of words in art. So if you’re in South Australia (or elsewhere in Aus) please consider showing with them. I want some good company!

Years ago I wanted to do a painting, huge, white, with just the word ‘white’ in the centre, quite small. I didn’t. These days I use words quite often because my work has shifted from huge wall pieces to smaller more ephemeral pieces.

Following is a gallery of inspiration, mostly my work because I know the copyright status. There are so many other artists’ work I’d love to include.

Come join us Folk! There will also be poetry performances. Not finalised yet, but at least one slam and some other performances.

So many possibilities!

  h.ART  also called Hills Art is the group here is their Facebook page. for details and to express interest: h.art.advocates@gmail.comh-art-callout-words-exhibition

By the way, the feral cat piece in the gallery is in tribute to ‘For I will consider my Cat Jeoffry’ from Jubilate Agno by Christopher Smart.


connections to the humble Sparrow


You can get the book at:
Ginninderra Press
FishPond (Free shipping in Oz)
Book Depository (Free shipping outside OZ)
Also available as an e-book, from most digital booksellers. But poetry on ebooks is awful. All the carefully positioned white punctuation is destroyed. Just saying!

About Sparrow: Poems of a Refugee
By Dr Kate Deller-Evans [Flinders University, Sturt Road, Bedford Park, South Australia, 5042]

Under a bright Australian sun the fascinating tale of a European life comes to light. In a sequence of incisive poems Belinda Broughton narrates the voice of Ervin Janek: Hungarian artist and poet; son of a nun and ‘a certain Jewish man’; who makes his ‘own path’ out of abandonment and poverty, through streets where he can hold his own against cheats and bullies, and into the wider world of exotic experience.
Broughton revels in the linguistic portrayal of a character whose deprived childhood, forced Hitler Youth attendance, flirtation with monastic life, horse riding for a Baroness, and incarceration under Soviet control builds towards the pivotal uprising of 1956.
In poems crafted with humour and sensitivity Broughton journeys with the character of Janek across the hippie trail to bring the refugee ‘Swallow’ home to the provenance of the kookaburra. All through the rollercoaster ride, this riveting story will ensnare you.







The Initiation: photograph by Ervin Janek



Also, check out my protagonist’s artwork from the Night Thoughts, his exhibition of autobiographical art. He made the little bird on my cover.



Screen Shot 2015-09-19 at 7.20.05 pm





my first book, at last!

Belinda Broughton: Sparrow, Poems of a Refugee
Belinda Broughton: Sparrow, Poems of a Refugee

It will launch at 3.00 p.m., Saturday 5th September 2015, at The Light Gallery, Centre for Creative Photography, 138 Richmond Rd, Marleston SA 5033, Australia.

Feel free to pop over, all ye other-side-of-the-worlders!

Will post buying details soon. It will be available from Ginninderra Press, (you have to scroll down to my name) The cart wasn’t working but it is fixed now.

Gininnderra advises that buyers outside Australia would do better to order from Amazon or Book Depository, especially since the latter doesn’t charge postage.’

Here is the blurb from the back cover. What a succinct piece of writing!


Witch Dream (tanka prose)


My stepson had a dream: that I was a wicked witch, complete with a cackle and carbuncles, and I was poisoning his father. This from a grown man who is a best friend and who loves me like a mother. Goodness knows what it means; his father has been very sick and I am, after all, a keeper of kin. Also in control of our diet, these days by the book healthy, though sometimes I wonder about the book.

stirring vegies
into the stock pot
our kids
bubble bubble
toil and giggle


Image is Mother and Son by Ervin Janek, My husband and this stepson’s father. Check out his site: Ervin Janek