Sand in the Works (haibun)

It was a fishing tournament (prizes for the biggest catch) and people came from miles around and set up camp in the dunes. Then they drove their shiny four-wheel drives down to the beach to fish.

The organisers assured everyone that they’d assured everyone there would be a king tide, but…

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knickers like mum

Belinda-Broughton__knickers-like-mumHaving a bit of Mum in me

My mother is taking over my face.
It began with my body
my attitude, my stance.

Photographs betray her:
head thrown back in laughter,
or standing by a tree
watching her youngest
scoop tadpoles from a puddle.
I know it isn’t me
because I’m in the puddle.

‘Got a bit of Mum in you’
said my brother last time.
I really can’t ignore it now
with one eye on the mirror
and the other on the clock.