Self Portrait Day of the Dead

Many years a visual artist, Belinda Broughton (with her husband) also ran a toy-making  business called Janek Toys. Janek Toys manufactured educational jigsaw puzzles, games, and toys for the preschool, kindergarten, and childcare wholesale market. Broughton designed all the image-based products, prepared them for screen printing and cutting, and was intimately involved with the manufacture.

paintBroughton has produced 8 solo exhibitions and has shown artwork in numerous group shows. Her artistic themes could be summed up as an interest in the cycle of chaos / order / chaos. But took a number of different subjects, most notable: nature and the marks of nature, and human marks moving towards text. She was also interested in formal concerns such as line, pattern and composition and thus most of her exhibited work is abstract.

More recently she has been working on artist’s books, notebook art, and other smaller pieces.

Artist Book, Playing with Miró
Artist Book, Playing with Miró

Also a poet, her works are published in many international paper and web journals, in a number of anthologies and her first book, Sparrow: Poems of a Refugee, was published in 2015. Poems from the book will be used in an upcoming documentary, the trailer of which, you can view here

down the painting/on tiptoes/the daddy long legs
down the painting/on tiptoes/the daddy long legs

In 2014, due to her husband’s health, Janek Toys closed, and so Broughton is developing the illustration side of her skill set. A lot of her art work has an illustrative quality, but was not done to a brief. However, her designs for children were and she has worked on various illustration based genres, most notable, haiga, which is a paring of a haiku poem with an image.

This site is primarily to promote Broughton’s illustrations, but enquiries about any of her work are welcome.

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